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Bang For The Buck – the conference

Var med och sätt agendan för framtidens marknadsarbete! The recent changes in the media landscape have affected many marketing departments. Costs have rocketed and efficiency has become a major challenge because more units have to be produced for more channels. Content, native, ambient, YouTube, etc., increase the requirement to produce at the same time as Big Data, programmatic increase the requirements on analysis and understanding. How to put the pieces together? Together with Niklas Modig and the process consultants Kapero, who work with precisely market efficiency, I created the first version of Bang For The Buck, a full-day workshop for marketing agencies and marketing managers who want to avoid hitting the wall and want to take control over their department’s development. The upcoming conference on 28 March will be the third version of Bang For The Buck that I am doing, but this time the focus will be on my absolute area of expertise, creativity, with speakers such as Micael Dahlén, Nina Åkestam, Jonas Nyvang from Björn Borg and Martin Hehrne from Facebook.

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