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Erik Modig goes on tour

Erik goes on tour together with Marknadschefskongressen 2017! Altogether 15 speakers and 25 partner companies will come to your city. Save one of the dates: Stockholm 13th November, Malmö 15th November or Gothenburg 17th November From Erik you can expect a thorough...

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Lecturing at Mynewsday

On October 25th, Mynewsdesk hosts Mynewsday 2017 in Stockholm, where I will be one of the speakers. For the seventh consecutive year, Mynewsdesk organizes one of this year’s events for communicators – Mynewsday. Mynewsdesk takes you on a journey of...

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Join me at Webdagene 2017!

Join me at Webdagene 18th & 19th October 2017 where I will talk about mobile marketing! In my lecture 19th October “How to communicate to the whole brain” I will talk about why we should change the way we think about video on the mobile phone, whether...

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Join me at Webdagene 2016!

Digitalization is changing the way we reach out to people and communicate with them. While digitalization has created many cheap ways to get your message out there and track the response, it naturally comes with the disadvantage of the today existing advertising...

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