Erik is an experienced and popular speaker at conferences, corporate events, universities and colleges. In a straightforward and entertaining way Erik teaches how people make decisions, what motivates them and how communication can influence them.

Quick facts about the
Marketing Book of the Year

Interview with Erik Modig by Årets Marknadsförbund

In 2017 Erik received the prestigious award Marketing Book of the Year (Årets Marknadsföringsbok) designated by the Swedish Marketing Association (Sveriges Marknadsförbund) for his book Bang for the Buck. In Bang for the Buck Erik presents his model, The Influence Matrix, which is a tool for management, communication, marketing and sales departments so that they can link and optimize daily work. Watch the video below for some quick facts about the book!

6 paths towards effective communication

Erik modig for mcplay

How can you as a marketing manager know that your next campaign will be perceived as relevant and valuable to your audience? Erik Modig is an expert in the field of effective communication and during this 10-minute lecture about ad relevance he explains the 6 most important factors that will make your marketing campaign relevant and valuable in order to be effective and generate results.

Conversion versus margin

Erik Modig at Webbdagarna Göteborg 2015

At Webbdagarna Göteborg 2015 Erik Modig lectures on conversion versus margin and how to create digital communications to get the best of both worlds.

11 times more effective marketing communication

In collaboration with Wednesday Relations

Thinking about attending the one-day workshop 11 times more effective marketing communication? Erik Modig is a researcher, author and lecturer at the Stockholm School of Economics. He has amongst others written the book “Kontroll”, a book that explains the recipes to effective marketing communication. In this video Erik explains why you should attend his one-day course in collaboration with Wednesday Relations.

Web-Consumer Psychology

Erik Modig at Conversion Jam#4

It is easy to follow your gut feeling and choose what “feels fresh“ at the moment. But what does research say? At Conversion Jam#4 Erik demonstrates what research says regarding our ideas about consumer behavior online.