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Working with B2B?

For those of you who work with B2B, I can recommend sälj- och marknadspodden where I talk about customers’ decision-making. I tell you about the evaluator, the fast thinker and the emotional mind that I describe in my latest book Bang For The Buck (out in...

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Erik in Kapitalet’s podcast

Would you like to hear more about Erik’s latest book Bang For The Buck? Tune into Kapitalet and listen to what you should think about as an investor or owner of a company in terms of customer psychology if you want your company to perform better. Listen to the...

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Digitala Mediepodden

In Digitala Mediepodden Erik demonstrates the Influence Matrix that he uses in his new book Bang For The Buck to explain the elements of effective marketing communication. Tune in to listen to Erik and Damon Razazi...

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