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Erik is an experienced and popular speaker at conferences, corporate events, universities and colleges. In a straightforward and entertaining way Erik teaches how people make decisions, what motivates them and how communication can influence them.

Erik’s lectures are suitable for management teams, marketing departments, communication agencies or entire companies who need to strengthen their marketing communication, brush up their knowledge in effective and creative communication or expand and improve their offerings and value propositions. The lectures can be booked in either Swedish or English and as 45 minutes courses or longer courses such as half-, one- or two-day courses for those who in depth want to understand how to reach and influence an audience.

Effective Communication (Advertising & Public Relations)

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The endless stream of advertising messages, have taught today’s consumers to ignore advertising. Despite this, companies continue to repeat messages that their customers have already grown tired of. In order to reach out to customers in today’s media environment, companies must relearn what appeals to them and adapt their communication to new emerging channels. Based on modern consumer psychology, Erik presents both classic and new tricks of how companies can create advertising that captures customers’ attention and influences them, which in turn drives business results. If classical advertising has had its day – how does a resource effective advertising strategy look like? Why is a creative communication strategy more effective? How can advertisers work systematically to increase their own creativity and that of the advertisement?

Consumer Psychology

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Customer and sales focus are the marketing department’s new keywords. But what do they really imply? Few people know and there is a noticeable lack of knowledge regarding how businesses should optimally extend their offerings and how to communicate to customers in today’s media landscape. At the same time, customers are offered more products than ever and are daily exposed to hundreds of advertising messages. The attention a consumer pays a new product, a brand or an advertisement is minimal. The challenges advertisers face have never been greater. Based on modern consumer psychology and brain research Erik Modig builds an understanding of how today’s consumers use products, brands and different kinds of communication to meet their needs. The lecture explains how today’s companies can grow organically by addressing customers in a more relevant and value-creating way.

Creativity to drive Business Results

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Creativity is an important and essential factor when it comes to developing new products, marketing concepts and communication. In today’s society it is crucial for companies to create concepts that capture consumers’ attention and stand out, while delivering customer value. Creativity is a tool to succeed. In his lecture, Erik Modig teaches the latest research on how creativity is used to create innovative products and communication concepts. He places great emphasis on how creativity can be transformed into productivity and how it can help companies prioritize and transform their employee creativity to drive business results.

Open Lectures

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Episerver Ascend Stockholm

I am looking forward to join Episerver Ascend Stokcholm this year to present the Influence Matrix on May 15! The conference gives you inspiration and knowledge in digital communication. I will talk about my model, which is actually a tool for all kinds of...
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GDPR, Digitization & Bang for the Buck

For those of you who live in Jönköping, I will lecture at “Årets Superevent för dig som gillar Marknadskommunikation” 15 March. I have the honor to share the stage with two experts that day: Anna-Lena Isaksson who will talk about what marketers should thin...
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Boka nu

OMD Göteborg Brainfood

On the 28th of September I will lecture in Gothenburg during OMD Göteborg’s Brainfood. I will talk about my brand new book Bang For The Buck and each participant will receive her/his own copy. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect: “Many argue that the...
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