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Erik is an experienced and popular speaker at conferences, corporate events, universities and colleges. In a straightforward and entertaining way Erik teaches how people make decisions, what motivates them and how communication can influence them.

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Kontroll – Effektiv kommunikation och kampen om våra tankar (March 2015) explains the elements of effective marketing communication. The English edition is coming soon.

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Working with B2B?

For those of you who work with B2B, I can recommend sälj- och marknadspodden where I talk about customers’ decision-making....

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Erik Modig

Erik Modig is a researcher at the Center for Consumer Marketing at Stockholm School of Economics. He is the author of the Swedish books Bang For The Buck, Kontroll – Effektiv kommunikation och kampen om våra tankar, Värdet av Konst and Understanding Advertising Creativity (doctoral dissertation, in English). An English edition of Bang For The Buck is coming soon. His research focuses on advertising and how the consumer psychology of communication, branding and creativity affect business growth. He also conducts research in various other fields connected to consumer psychology such as pricing, category management and the inclusion of fine art in commercial settings. His research is amongst others published in Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Product & Brand Management and Advances in Consumer Research. Erik has years of experience in teaching advertising strategy within both the academic field and the corporate world. He is a popular teacher and demanded speaker at organizations and conferences, where he holds lectures within his field of research.

Erik is also an established artist and has had several solo and group exhibitions. Between 2007 and 2012 he ran the artist driven gallery Art Concept Store in Stockholm.

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Episerver Ascend Stockholm

I am looking forward to join Episerver Ascend Stokcholm this year to present the Influence Matrix on May 15! The conference gives you inspiration and knowledge in digital communication. I will talk about my model, which is actually a tool for all kinds of...
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GDPR, Digitization & Bang for the Buck

For those of you who live in Jönköping, I will lecture at “Årets Superevent för dig som gillar Marknadskommunikation” 15 March. I have the honor to share the stage with two experts that day: Anna-Lena Isaksson who will talk about what marketers should thin...
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Erik Modig’s lecture was absolutely fantastic. Both the content and his performance.


Recommend everyone to listen to Erik! Fascinating to take part of Erik’s work and
experience and also get it summarized in a book. What a tremendous value!

This was one of the best presentations I’ve been to! Great credibility in this area!




Bang For The Buck

Visit http://bangforthebuck.com (in Swedish) and learn more about Erik’s most recent book.

Finally a readable book about a difficult subject – how to reach out to others in one’s communication. Thank you for this important book!

A must-read for those who have realized
that it is difficult to reach out with their communication. It provides many practical insights and suggestions.

The Influence Matrix

When I became a doctor in creative advertising, I first got the opportunity to lecture for the advertising industry, then the PR industry, then for branding agencies, then for different sales departments. It went well, ok, worse and eventually even worse. We simply spoke too different languages.

The challenge was primarily that people from different industries and departments had different views on which measures should be affected. Everyone realized that the measures were connected, but few managed to understand how different types of measures affected each other.

The second challenge was that people had different views on people’s motivations. Some saw people as primarily rational and others saw them as primarily emotional, they had different views on how the purchase cycle looks like etc. Every industry used their own words. I even became aware that different departments within the same company had too different models and lacked understanding of the others’ perspective. The same was true between agencies.

Around that time the naive thought that led to this book was awakened. I simply wanted to find unified words and measures for all different types of influence. I therefore started creating a model that offers both scientific truth and practical relevance. For communication, marketing and sales as well as for agencies: The Influence Matrix.