Mobile Marketing Diploma Course


How do you increase the effect of mobile marketing in your organization?

Erik has launched a new tailored workshop within the area of mobile marketing together with Edlegio and the business newspaper Dagens Media. The course content is based on the latest research in the area, many years of practical experience and analysis, in-depth interviews with and case studies of the leading industry players and is aimed at anyone working with digital marketing and communications.

The Mobile Marketing Course is a Diploma Course in mobile marketing that combines
a variety of teaching methods with the purpose of maximizing learning and flexibility and a mixture of theory and practice to create favorable conditions for the participant to implement what she/he has learned in her/his own organization.

The course, which gives you a comprehensive view of the mobile phone as a professional communication tool, demonstrates how potential customers use mobile phones and how companies interact with customers based on the technical and psychological conditions.
The course gives you, among other things, deeper knowledge of:
– The mobile phone as a tool and communication platform
– The mobile phone’s area of competence and application
– How to measure, analyze and achieve effective mobile marketing
– How to create a structured process and a successful mobile strategy

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