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6 Characteristics of Mobile Phones that Make You Want to Take a Mobile Marketing Course

The Sudden Rise in Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertising revenue increased by 60.5% globally between 2015 and 2016, and in 2016, display increased its stake in mobile phones to 54%. Why is it that mobile marketing has become so important? More than 30% of all online searches are made on the cell phone and this number is expected to grow drastically. But there are of course other reasons why you need a mobile marketing strategy. Here are some characteristics of mobile phones that will make you want to consider taking a mobile marketing course before you develop your mobile marketing strategy.

The Mobile Ecosystem – 6 Special Characteristics of Mobile Phones

1. Mobile phones are wireless

Mobile phones are not plugged in anywhere, they are portable and therefore always brought to different places.

2. Mobile phones are accessible

The fact that mobile phones are wireless makes them accessible. We bring them with us to bed, when we go jogging or to the gym. We can now reach people where they are. This is a big difference compared to the classical channels such as TV or billboards. Now we can be where the customer is at all times.

3. Mobile phones have a limited screen size

However, mobile phones have a limited screen size. Only a certain amount of information fits onto the screen and we must always keep that into mind.

4. Mobile phones are personal

Mobile phones are usually not shared. The mobile tends to be personal, which enables a new type of contact.

5. Mobile phones are controlled by the customer

This point is connected to the fact that mobile phones are personal. It is important to understand that classical media is usually governed by an editorial. The editorial determines the flow, order and how long we will look at an ad. In a sense the same is true for mobile phones. However, mobile phones are unique in the sense that the customer now chooses which type of media receives visibility. The fact that the customer has more control will have a big impact on all types of activities we will talk about in the mobile marketing course.

6. Mobile phones are interactive

We interact with people or companies through the mobile phone. This constant and instant interaction puts pressure on companies to include interaction in their mobile marketing strategies. Customers expect companies that are part of their mobile network to be able to interact with them any time. I was once in touch with a Swedish travel agency when I was abroad. I only later realized that they had interacted with me in the middle of the night.

More Complicated than Classical Media

In sum, mobile phones are wireless, accessible, personal, interactive, controlled by the customer and have a limited screen size. All of these aspects will impact the formation of your mobile marketing strategy. So, in some ways the mobile phone is a fantastic opportunity for advertising and in some ways it makes advertising a bit more complex. If you want to learn more about mobile marketing check out Erik Modig’s mobile marketing course that starts 27th of September. It is an e-learning course in collaboration with Edlegio.