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Bang For The Buck – the book

Erik’s fourth book, Bang For The Buck, released in Swedish in June 2017, uses the so called Influence Matrix to explain the elements of effective marketing communication.

Many argue that the age of old media is over and digital channels are the future. Is that true? The answer can be found in the understanding of which marketing investments are the most effective. The question is how we compare sales with brand building without comparing apples and pears. In Bang for the buck, the reader gets guidance in what will always be common to all channels – the customer’s brain. Measurement values can first be compared and give us insights about what each brand should focus on when they form a whole.

In his book, Erik Modig presents his model, The Influence Matrix, which is a tool for management, communication, marketing and sales departments so that they can link and optimize daily work.

The war between how we explain and measure the effectiveness of marketing has just begun. Bang for the buck and The Influence Matrix offer a tool for understanding, utilizing and winning this war.

The English release of Bang for the Buck is just around the corner…

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